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Jenny's Famous Chocolate Cake

Jenny's Famous Chocolate Cake

The chocolate sauce I made is a recipe which comes from Edmonds Food For Flatters. Featured in that book was my recipe for Jenny's Famous Chocolate Cake(s) - a delicious cake recipe made in a food processor (or by hand if, as a student, you don't own a food processor) that makes two dark, moist chocolate cakes

Family Banana Cake Recipe

I think the original recipe came from the Edmonds cook book but its changed over time and uses one more banana

Peanut Butter Pecan Chocolate Cake

Recipe You Will Also Like. Then you will love this Peanut Butter Pecan Chocolate Cake because it is moist, fudgy with a strong chocolate flavour

Tips and Timesavers

Instead of using sponge cake when making lamingtons, use Edmonds Butter Cake mix (which doesn’t crumble like sponge) and cut it into your desired sizes

Perfect Banana Loaf

An Edmonds Banana loaf recipe that I’ve tweaked to make healthier. Bake in a cake ring and ice with chocolate icing – see the recipe for the best icing below