Manuka smoke concentrate recipes

The Cuisine Artisan Awards

The Cuisine Artisan Awards

The platter consists of short fin Moko Smoke Eel pate, warm Chorizos Garcia fresh chorizo and cherry tomato salad, pickled mushrooms with NZ Manuka Egg Company SmokeConcentrate and warmed Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse garlic ciabatta fold

Tips and Timesavers

Tea tree oil (from Manuka trees here in New Zealand) is awesome on pimples. For nibbles, I love a fresh baguette or French stick sliced up into small pieces with cream cheese, smoked salmon and coriander on top

Food jargon

manukasmoked). Manuka Small tree with aromatic leaves sometimes used for tea. Blackened Cooking technique where meat or fish is coated with a seasoning mixture then cooked in an oiled pan which has reached a high-smoke point