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Taste of Auckland 2016 – the run down

Taste of Auckland 2016 – the run down

Monique Fiso was the chef for Thursday’s sessions and her paua porridge with barley and cuttlefish ink was a delicious take on this often overlooked (or placed in the “too hard basket”) New Zealand ingredient

Monteith’s wonderfully wild feasts

The Tasting Room, Wellington – chefs Len Baldwin and Janet Grey’s Never Deer to Poach a Paua features venison wellington with mushroom and porter duxelle, alongside paua tortellini, braised savoy cabbage and served with truffle pinot and porter jus

Food jargon

paua, oysters, clams, squid, scallops). New Zealand and Australia call meat patties that are cooked on the barbecue a “rissole”