Alison holst scones recipes

Savoury Scones V2.0

Savoury Scones V2.0

One of my friends Stacey kindly shared her recipe for light, no fail, quick scones with me, she thinks it originates from Kiwi baking legend AlisonHolst

Making the Perfect Scone

New Zealand cook, AlisonHolst suggests that if you have problems with your scones, don’t make plain ones where every imperfection is evident

The Great New Zealand Baking Book

‘Muffins, Scones & Pastries’, ‘Baked Desserts’, ‘Sweet Treats’, ‘Cakes & Loaves’, ‘Savoury Snacks’, ‘Biscuits & Slices’ and a wholesome ‘Not-So-Naughty’ section with a range of healthy treats from nutrition gurus such as Nadia Lim and Megan May