Chicken filo nz recipes

Chicken Filo Parcels

Chicken Filo Parcels

ChickenFilo parcels are a delicious family meal that smells amazing when cooking. The great thing about this chicken recipe is that you can add your own ingredients according to how you feel
Chicken pot pies

Chicken pot pies

Place filo sheets you require on a clean dry surface. Add chicken and stir-fry until chicken has lost its pink colour
Chicken and tarragon pie

Chicken and tarragon pie

Place on top of chicken mixture until completely covered. Simmer for 2 minutes, then add chicken. Step 2 Pour into a heat-proof dish, then scrunch up filo pastry into fist-sized balls. Step 3 Bake in oven until filo is golden brown. 3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut in small strips. 8 sheets filo pastry
Thai green chicken curry pot stickers

Thai green chicken curry pot stickers

The owner Vivian makes his with Filo Pastry I think. Thai Green chicken curry pot stickersWe are having a reunion with the friends we went to Thailand with a few months ago

Nanam Eatery (Auckland, New Zealand)

Some dishes like Longganisa missed with peanut sauce most probably from Kare Kare, Octo Express where octopus is mixed with Bicol Express, Dinuguan where Lechon Kawali meets dinuguan and Roast chicken Sinigang where Lechon Manok meets sinigang are just some fine examples of what the Philippine cuisine has to offer when extended as a fusion
Filo Fish Parcels-Blue Cod - King of the Sea

Filo Fish Parcels-Blue Cod - King of the Sea

Pour over the hot water with chicken stock. I was watching an old Taste of NZ programme on Food TV and Peta Mathias went Bluff Oysters and Blue Cod tasting

Chicken bon bons

Brush one sheet of filo with melted butter, then place another sheet on top. Along one end, place chicken, apricots, almonds, sage, brie, and season

Chicken, spinach and feta pie

Brush folded filo sheets with olive oil and layer on top of the pie filling. Brown chicken in the same pan in two batches, adding more oil if needed

Creamy chicken pies in pastry cases

When ready to serve, spoon mixture between filo pastry cases. Place chicken breast in a saucepan and just cover with cold water

Chicken Filo Pies

Light too, with the use of filo pastry that goes crunchy and delicious with a creamy chicken and vege filling

Chicken & Corn Filo Triangles

Repeat this until all the chicken and corn mix is used up. Take a sheet of filo pastry and fold in half lengthwise

Creamy Smoked Chicken Filo Pie

Fill with the chicken and mushroom mixture and then flip the overhanging filo pastry edges into the centre

Mother Hen in her Pen

Dice chicken and brown off in a frying pan. Place a portion of the mixture at one end of the filo,. In a mixing bowl, place the cooked chicken and sautéed

Food jargon

Fillet A boneless cut of meat, chicken or fish. baklava) and filo pastry savoury parcels. The process destroys micro-organisms and inactivates enzymes, thus sterilising the food