Creamed paua recipes

Taste of Auckland 2016 – the run down

Taste of Auckland 2016 – the run down

Monique Fiso was the chef for Thursday’s sessions and her paua porridge with barley and cuttlefish ink was a delicious take on this often overlooked (or placed in the “too hard basket”) New Zealand ingredient

Al Browns Paua Ravioli

After I bought my first round of paua and its ingredients I found this recipe. I bought some minced paua from Hawks Bay Seafoods and the rest of the ingredients and tonight I gave it a go
Something Something Fritters

Something Something Fritters

Any neighborhood fish and chip shop sells mussel fritters, paua (abalone) fritters, even pineapple fritters

Food truck recipes – seadogs

250g paua, minced. 250g paua, minced. 4 seadogs. 4 wholegrain and chia seed buns, halved. 200 ml reduced fat milk

21 at a 21st

Oli's Paua Fritters. Mince the paua and add everything else. Before they all arrived we chained him to the stove and put 4 paua in front of him. 4 large paua (ours came from Chatham Island - luxury

Monteith’s wonderfully wild feasts

The Tasting Room, Wellington – chefs Len Baldwin and Janet Grey’s Never Deer to Poach a Paua features venison wellington with mushroom and porter duxelle, alongside paua tortellini, braised savoy cabbage and served with truffle pinot and porter jus

Luscious Chocolate and Blueberry Cake

As you might expect from a coastal region there are lots of seafood recipes such as a duet of whitebait, tuatua fritters, creamedpaua pastries, scallops on minted pea puree, and smoked marlin pasta

Food jargon

In recipes, identify whether to use clear, runny, firm or creamed. paua, oysters, clams, squid, scallops)