Edmonds cookbook pancakes recipes

Sayur Lodeh

Sayur Lodeh

With this Singapore cookbook by your side your acquaintance—or re-acquaintance—with Singapore food promises to be an exciting and mouthwatering experience

corn pikelets with salmon & sourcream

Recipe adapted from EdmondsCookbook. Pikelets are New Zealand’s (and Australia’s) take on the scone – tiny, barely sweet, flat pancakes topped with cream and jam and typically served at morning or afternoon tea time

Tips and Timesavers

”  Sarah Edmonds, Tuakau. YUMMY PANCAKES. EDMONDS SCONE MIX TIP. Rather than serving pancakes or waffles with berries on top


This is another old favourite from the EdmondsCookbook. You may know them as Scotch pancakes, or hotcakes

Weekend Brunch – Pikelets Recipe

I am sure every Kiwi has the EdmondsCookbook and the Pikelet Recipe but thought I would share this one for my US friends & those where Pikelets are just an odd sort of pancake