Feijoa cheesecake recipes

Feijoa Cheesecake (a healthier version)

Feijoa Cheesecake (a healthier version)

As well as eating these in abundance, I’ve created one of my one of my favourite recipes so far, a healthy feijoacheesecake (well, healthier than a standard recipe anyway

Dani’s Kiwi Cheesecake for Kiwi Faves

Chopped feijoas, kiwifruit, strawberries. ) i make a wicked cheesecake – it’s pretty much the only thing i can make (i am known for making terrible chocolate cakes they always either sink or rise over the sides, and i can’t figure out why

Raw Raspberry Icecream Cake

I can see feijoa or passionfruit working a treat. This recipe isn’t your typical raw cheesecake recipe, infact its more like an icecream cake and its really good

Sweet New Zealand # 34 Round-up

Feijoa season may be almost over, but there's still a bit of fruit around and if you've been wondering what to do with that over abundance then check out this gorgeous looking feijoa jam from Alessandra Zecchini which she says is just like guava paste

Tips and Timesavers

 It works really well with feijoas. QUARK CHEESECAKE – Replace the requested ricotta in your cheesecake recipe for Quark