Feijoa white chocolate muffin recipes

12 Easy, healthy lunchbox ideas

12 Easy, healthy lunchbox ideas

I've also been known to make Strawberry ice cream and Flu-fighting feijoa jelly and freeze those in small containers for lunchbox fillers

Sweet New Zealand # 23 Round-up

Alessandra Zecchini, our founder of this event, never fails to surprise and inspire me with her use of unusual ingredients, often things that we might ignore or discard, like onion flowers, banana flowers or feijoa skins

Tips and Timesavers

 It works really well with feijoas.   Buy a couple of packets of mallowpuffs, dip them into melted whitechocolate and let it run down the sides of each mallowpuff, while the whitechocolate is still warm stick two mint leaf lollies and one jaffa (or glace cherry) and wham, wee mini Christmas puddings that everyone loves