Filo pastry bacon and egg pie recipes

Bacon and Egg Pie

Made with filopastryand grated cheddar. Grill the bacon until nicely cooked and place on top of the cheese in each pie
Ham and Egg Pie

Ham and Egg Pie

I made my own change by replacing the shortcrust pastry with filo to lighten it up, and leaving out the tomato in the original recipe
51 vegetarian lunchbox ideas

51 vegetarian lunchbox ideas

Black olive and halloumi filo cigars. Tofu bacon BLTs [vegan]. Which means the summer is coming to a close, and it’s time for a new school year

Goats’ cheese and hazelnut tart

Scatter half the spring onion mix and half the goats’ cheese over pastry base. Allow pastry to drape over sides

Jojos florentene

Fill bottom of filo with grated cheese, put fresh spinach on top of cheese -do not cook spinach, then slice bacon onto of spinach

Meal Planning Monday 2015- Week 3

SundayBreakfast yogurtLunch/brunch eggs baked in bacon cups with baked beans and toastDinner chicken filopastrypies

Corn and Bacon Filo Tart

Spray halved sheets of filopastry with oil and place in the pie dish overlapping evenly to cover the base and sides of the dish

Food jargon

baklava) andfilopastry savoury parcels. Short As in pastry, used for quiches, tarts andpies. also New Zealand term for a small pastry item filled with mince