Hapuka steak recipes


A close runner up was the Skirt Steak which was served with something called Tobacco Onions that were drop dead incredible

Lime & Parmesan Baked Fish

Prepare fish by cutting in steaks about 2cm thick. 1kg Firm White fish fillet - kingfish, hapuka, tarakihi or mahimahi
Confessions of Cooking For One

Confessions of Cooking For One

Seafood Salad and Sea Bass or Hapuka Salad. But my real easy comfort food either Steak peas and mashed potato or fish peas and mashed potato

Sunshine Coast in the Spring

I bought NZ Hapuka/Grouper which was so good looking. I chose the little steak pie, it was pleasant fodder and

Food jargon

Hapuka Large, slow-growing fish. sirloin steak atop a creamy mash). Hapuka or hapuku is the North Island equivalent of groper in the South Island