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The new healthy lifestyles cafe range you need to try

The new healthy lifestyles cafe range you need to try

Paleo Breakfast. If your partner wants a pie, then they can have one. When I go out, sometimes I like to treat myself, and other times I want something that’s both delicious AND healthy for me too

Newsletter – May 2012

Throw in some frozen berries or a few slices of banana and top with lite yoghurt or milk and you have a healthy, high fibre, low GI breakfast

Newsletter June 2014

When it comes to losing weight and forming a healthy lifestyle, attitude is key to success. Also, a client sent me this yummy looking breakfast recipe for Mince & Mushroom Breakfast delight that she had made up

Pecan Bars {PALEO}

How wonderful to hear that churchgoers arrive early to get their fix of coffee, a small breakfast treat and some meaningful fellowship with friends

Tips and Timesavers

EASY, HEALTHY, FAST BREAKFAST. For that something special and healthy in your homemade quiche or bacon and egg pie, add mixed vege

Newsletter – June 2012

Make yourself a list of quick but healthy snacks you can grab if you need to when you get home. Dole Fruit + Oats, breakfast apple

Food jargon

Breakfast The first meal of the day. Bake blind Technique by which a pie or tart shell is cooked prior to filling it

Better Brekkie study reveal poor habits

Along with choosing unhealthy options, many Kiwis said they often don’t bother to eat breakfast with eight percent of those surveyed saying they skipped the meal every day