Hoki fish cakes recipes

Quick and Easy Seafood Pasta Bake

Quick and Easy Seafood Pasta Bake

Hoki is what you would call a cheap and cheerful fish. Sealord Frozen Hoki FiletsAnd a bottle of Heinz Seriously Good Alfredo Sauce

Thai Fish Cakes

frozen Hoki, thawed. fish sauce. MethodDice the fish into large chunksPlace all ingredients except the canola oil into a food processorPulse until the fish has been finely chopped but is not yet a smooth pasteShape fish mixture into 30g ballsSlightly flattenHeat canola oil in a heavy based frying panCook the fishcakes for approximately 2 minutes each side or until golden brown and cooked through 4 120g fillets

Tips and Timesavers

Hoki makes for a great fish pie recipe. HOKI DOKEY. FISHCAKES ON THE BBQ. Eat more fish and less fatty red meat

Bill Granger's Thai Fishcakes

They make perfect miniature individual serving dishes for Bill Granger's Thai fishcakes. Blend the fish in a food processor until smooth, scraping the sides down once or twice