How to bottle mussels in vinegar recipes

Confessions of Cooking For One

Confessions of Cooking For One

Season with salt & chili flakes Toss gently with oil and vinegar. So as I was lying awake I thought what did I like to eat when alone

Tips and Timesavers

Put white vinegar and water into an empty spray bottle and use it to remove soap scum from the shower door cheap and easy

The List

so you can just skip to the bottom where there is a list of what it is I could do with your help with…so if you want to comment, email, txt, whatever and let me know if you can help/what you want tojoin me on then please do so

Cooking with wine

Cookingwines are stocked by the vinegarsin many grocery stores, which gives you an indication of how they taste

Food jargon

In recipes, indicatingto the reader howto facilitate this to avoid mishaps is worthwhile. Gourmet A person who enjoys good food but also knows howto select and appreciate it