Lamb neck chops slow cooker recipes

Navarin of lamb - at long last!

Navarin of lamb - at long last!

Way, way back in the olden days (also known as "when I had horses"), I didn't have a lot of time for cooking but did have a great relationship with my slowcooker

Navarin of Lamb

Just put all the ingredients in the crockpot or slowcooker and walk away. Winter is crockpot time and this slow cooked lamb crockpot recipe is perfect to make a big, family meal with a cheaper cut of meat

Tips and Timesavers

When cooking lamb, know that lamb leg cooks faster than other parts like shoulder or neck so beware when you set the timer

4 ways to cook a stew or casserole

Choose tougher cuts of meat such as chuck steak, round steak, blade steak, topside, gravy beef (beef), shanks, veal shoulder, diced veal (veal) boneless shoulder, boneless forequarter, shanks, neckchops, diced lamb (lamb) All chicken cuts especially on the bone (personally I would avoid the breast), pork shoulder, forequarter chops and pork belly (pork)