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Nacho Recipe

Nacho Recipe

My husband’s recipe also included adding half a packet of Maggi Nacho Seasoning at this point, but we have found that this isn’t necessary for our tastes (especially the children’s)

Slow Cooked Roast Beef

Mix Concentrated Mushroom Soup & Maggi French Onion Soup together (no water). Place beef in slow cooker

Poppa's Kiwi Curried Sausages

Cover the contents with water and bring to a simmer. Can thicken with a little cornflour in cold water if curry is thin

The Best Lamb Shanks Ever

Check half way through cooking time and add more wine if sauce is getting too thick. Cover roasting dish tightly with foil, and cook on 150-160°C for 3½ hours. 1 packet Maggi Oxtail Soup. 1 packet Maggi Onion Soup

Curried cheese ball

1 sachet Maggi onion soup. 250g punnet cream cheese. 1 cup grated cheese. 1 large teaspoon curry powder. 1 large tablespoon chutney or chow chow

Top 10 tips for fussy eaters

Many parents battle with trying to cook healthy meals that their young ones will actually eat. Fussy eating is common among children and they do eventually grow out of it

Lamb Fajitas with Pico de Gallo Salsa

Add the Maggi mix, stir to coat. Meanwhile, place the avocado flesh, drained tomatoes, chilli and sour cream in a bowl, mix and mash to combine

Sage & Onion Fritters

1 Packet Maggi Sage & Onion gravy mix. 300g Can whole kernel corn, drained. 1 cup Grated courgette. ¾ Cup flour

Chicken Divan

Cut chicken into medium sized pieces and lay on top of broccoli. Combine water and chicken stock, add to roux and cook until thickened

Cob Loaf

Then Cob Loaf is your answer. This moreish recipe is very versatile add what you feel to this delicious cob loaf base

Chicken Filo Pies

Combine mushroom soup mix with parsley and evaporated milk. 1 packet MAGGI Mushroom Soup Mix. 2 teaspoons olive oil or cooking spray. Heat oil in a pan, add chicken and cook until browned, add vegetables and cook for 2 minutes stirring. 15 minutes | Cooking Time

Shepherd's Pie

1 pkt MaggiCook in the Pot Beef Provencale. ½ c Milk. 1 tbsp Butter. Salt. Pepper. 1tbsp Olive Oil. 1 Onion, chopped

Italian Meatloaf

1 packet MAGGI Recipe Base Spaghetti Bolognese. 1 Carrot grated. 1 Red Capsicum, chopped. 1 Egg, beaten. 600g Beef, Ninced, lean

Thai Red Chicken Curry

Heat the oil in a large frying pan, add the spice paste, cook over medium heat for one minute or until fragrant