Maori flat bread recipes

Polynesian Interior, and a recipe for Eggy

I served mine with flatbread and baby spinach leaves. Shells necklaces from Tahiti, basket from Hawaii, Poi from Aotearoa, bag from SamoaShells necklaces from Tahiti, kete bag and paua shell, flax flowers and little Whare (house) from Te Reo Maori studentsTapa briefcase from Samoa, shells necklaces from Tahiti, Picture from Rarotonga, lei garlands from the 2$storeThis is my office

We no longer walk…but they’re still beautiful

In an ideal world, such as the one Katie lives in, you zoom down the hill at an extreme speed, make a thrilling entry onto the flat sand and then come to a brilliantly clean stop

Food jargon

Kai Maori word for food. Flat As in bread. The two halves are then opened flat and cooked or grilled. Au gratin French term for dishes that are browned under a grill, often prepared with a sauce and topped with breadcrumbs and/or cheese