Orzo salad with beetroot recipes

Beetroot, orzo and feta salad

Beetroot, orzo and feta salad

Mix withbeetroot, celery, walnuts and dressing. Top with crumbled feta. If you have large beetroot, cut them in halves or quarters first

Spicy bbq splashes

• Essential with quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, cannelloni beans, pasta, couscous, orzo, pasta, beetroot risotto
A New Zealand French Bread Recipe and Labour Weekend, No Sailing

A New Zealand French Bread Recipe and Labour Weekend, No Sailing

Katie’s OrzoSalad. Also her green saladwithbeetroot chunks, red onion and pinenuts. BUT there has been a problem with the hot water cylinder which has taken several (frustrating for Dale) days to fix, helped by our Poncy Plumber friend, His Majesty Mr King

Orzo & beet salad

Put beetroot and carrots in 2 baking trays, then add garlic cloves. 500g baby beetroot, trimmed and cut into quarters. 200g orzo pasta. 80g beetroot leaves (or use rocket)

Italian Beetroot Salad

In a bowl toss together the broad beans, orzo pasta, red onion, garlic, walnuts and Wattie's Chunky Beetroot

Kiwi Summer Salad

Cook orzo pasta in plenty of boiling water until just cooked (al dente). Toss through the orzo pasta. 1 cup orzo pasta. 410g can Wattie's Chunky Beetroot, drained

Tips and Timesavers

QUICK ORZOSALAD. Once orzo/risoni cooked and drained, put in bowl and put pour over the top the dressing and baked pinenuts