Pams co nz without almond tart dessert recipes

Donate for Young Women in Need

“There are too many young women going without basic hygiene products and sadly we know some are resorting to theft, which has resulted in our young women getting convictions and sentencing, adding to their shame
Sharing and caring food for summer!

Sharing and caring food for summer!

Chocolate mousse without the raw eggs. And others of us are reminded of what we’ve lost, whether it be loved ones, employment, or just contentment

NZ’s Top Sausage

Foodstuffs South Island, Pams Fresh Express Pork, Apple and Sage. A Beef and Blue Cheese sausage from Allenton Meat Centre in Ashburton has been named the nation’s best at today’s final of the Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition

Creamy Chicken & Vegetable Pie

2 sheets pams flaky puff pastry, defrosted. 1/3 cup cream. 400 g boneless skinless chicken, cubed. 1 onion, diced

Aunty Julz smoked chicken & corn pie

Place baking paper on the bottom of a normal sized pie dish, so the pie wont stick, then place a sheet of 'Pams flaky pastry' into the bottom moulding it into place, you may need to use a little more pastry around the sides as one sheet does not quite cover the bottom of a normal sized pie dish

Hollands Honey Thai Chicken Skewers

1 tablespoon of Pams Oil. 600g boneless chicken thighs, trimmed of fat, and cut into 2cm pieces. 2 tablespoons Hollands Premium White Clover Liquid Honey

Oven roasted vegetables savoury galettes

4 sheets of Pams savoury pastry sheets. 1 small red onion – chopped in course pieces. 10 Pams Spanish pitted black olives – cut in half. 3 tablespoons Pams Pure olive oil

Tegel Grilled Chicken Thighs

Pams sea salt. Pams olive oil. 6 Tegel Chicken Thighs – boned and skinless. Crushed garlic. Fresh lime (or lemon) juice

Chicken & Prosciutto Quesadillas

spinach leaves and coriander from the produce department. 1 tbsp Pams olive oil. 4 x tortillas. 2 cups shredded chicken and

Petit Fours Chocolate Truffles

Pams icing sugar, to powder hands. 130g Pams dark chocolate. 130g milk chocolate. 80ml Pams fresh cream. 250g Pamscocoa powder. 350g Pams dark chocolate, melted, for rolling truffles in

Winter gardening guide and yam recipes

I also love NZ Gardener magazine and I’ve just leafed through my latest copy (sorry about the pun. If you have an old shed or fence that could support a choko vine, all you need to get started is a choko fruit

Oldie but a Goodie../ Kiwi Lolly Cake…

Whitaker’s chocolate it is for me…. Classic NZ fare……Lolly cake. Melt the butter and add in the condensed milk and combine well…

Newsletter – May 2012

So what does it take to keep the ball rolling when you start to feel a bit complacent and it all seems a bit too hard