Paua recipes

A sucker for scallops wrapped in bacon

A sucker for scallops wrapped in bacon

Paua on rewena bread. I’ve been gorging on seafood and booze all weekend and today is the final day of the Auckland Seafood Feastival

Polynesian Interior, and a recipe for Eggy

Shells necklaces from Tahiti, basket from Hawaii, Poi from Aotearoa, bag from SamoaShells necklaces from Tahiti, kete bag and paua shell, flax flowers and little Whare (house) from Te Reo Maori studentsTapa briefcase from Samoa, shells necklaces from Tahiti, Picture from Rarotonga, lei garlands from the 2$storeThis is my office

A flying visit to Makara {landscape photography}

I also found only my second ever paua shell on the beach, the last one I found on the South Coast near Owhiro Bay a good 3 or so years ago, and this one was much bigger with beautiful aqua tones

Vogue 6435 Vintage 60s pant suit

This is how I styled this little number for the Speakeasy, Nana’s pink mesh gloves (and I thought I’d never have an occasion to wear them…) pink scarf/headband, Nana’s red glass beads, and her paua and rose gold ring

Auckland Seafood Festival 2016

Looking back, I’d have liked to try House of Dumplings Japanese Sake Salmon with Fennel Dumplings / Smoked Eel, Karengo, Watercress & Crème Fraiche Dumplings / Paua, Mussel, Fresh Coriander & Squid Ink Dumplings /Prawn & Garlic Chives Dumplings 4 Dumplings for $10
Taste of Auckland 2016 – the run down

Taste of Auckland 2016 – the run down

Monique Fiso was the chef for Thursday’s sessions and her paua porridge with barley and cuttlefish ink was a delicious take on this often overlooked (or placed in the “too hard basket”) New Zealand ingredient

My birthday in photos

Liam gave me a massive paua shell, it's HUGE, it's larger than my hand, and I love it. Today marks the start of my final year of being in my 30s
Miso Glazed Salmon

Miso Glazed Salmon

We are such lucky we live in a place where waters are very clean and in pristine condition hence we enjoy the best seafood our oceans and lakes have to offer, from the popular New Zealand mussels, Bluff Oysters, Snappers, Paua (Abalone) and Mount Cook Salmons we have the best in here

6 Classic Kiwi Roadtrip Ideas with Kids

Mussels, pipi, clams, cockles and paua are all there for the taking. As the days get shorter, I begin to wonder how much longer we can sit out on our deck enjoying the sunshine