Roast beef leftover nz recipes

15 fantastic meal ideas to make for new parents

Lemon Roast Potatoes. Beef Nachos. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge in a covered container and reheated as required – don’t keep more than two or three days though
Nourishing food for new Mums

Nourishing food for new Mums

 500g lean minced beef.  300-400g leftover shredded roast pork, cooked chicken, cooked mince, or any other cooked meat you enjoy. 500g lean minced beef
Rare roast beef with crispy kale chips

Rare roast beef with crispy kale chips

The roasted portion will serve for dinner tonight, and the leftoverroastbeef will be used in some wraps featuring horseradish later in the week

Roast beef with red pepper chilli jam

Leftovers keep in fridge for a month. Place beef in a frying pan. Rub oil over beef, then sprinkle cumin seeds and salt all over

Winter Beef Stew

I use cheaper cuts of beef in this like bolar roast, chuck steak or shin meat that I purchase when they are on special

My Food Bag says hello to Christchurch

Families can expect meals such as crusted fish with roast potato and salad, mediterranean vegetable, feta and avocado pizza, sesame chicken and spring vegetable stir-fry

Newsletter – May 2012

Or roast the pumpkin in smaller pieces and make my pumpkin frittata, find the recipe here Frittata leftovers make great lunches, just add a salad

The Best & Worst of the Internet and Gorgeously Green with Ottolenghi

Now I've been cooking like a mad thing this week - lasagne, shepherds pie, fish and caper kebabs, Jamie Oliver's fantastic fish pie, a batch of Nigella's flourless chocolate brownies, a batch of chocolate caramel crispy cakes, a batch of these divine raw lemon & coconut truffles, and numerous big batches of roasted tomato pasta sauce - all to stock up the freezer for my daughter before I head back home to New Zealand
Warming Chicken Rice Noodle Broth

Warming Chicken Rice Noodle Broth

Leftovers from roast dinners, those greens you haven’t used up and a good homemade stock (or miso soup for a quick fix) mixed with rice noodles and a topping of fresh herbs looks and tastes delicious – and it takes less than 10 minutes to make. 350g leftover meat or fish (chicken or prawn are gorgeous, but firm tofu, pork, lamb or beef work just as well), shredded

Tips for the Kitchen

A few drops of Tabasco Sauce on cheese, tuna, BLT, chicken, turkey or roastbeef sandwiches give a welcome boost

Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks

Remove the rosemary from the roasting dish and serve your shanks on a round of mashed spud, the rosemary and red wine jus from the roasting dish and of course, the leftover vino

Tips and Timesavers

A favourite, traditional meal that my Mum used to make is Shepherd Pie with leftoverroastbeef or lamb

Newsletter – August 2012

Or maybe roastbeef.   Who wants beef jerky for muscles when they can have steak.   Great for leftovers. Are you ‘on a diet’ or are you working towards creating a healthier lifestyle that will get you where you want to be and keep you there long term

Food jargon

Al forno Italian term for roasted foods. Baron An English term for a large cut of beef, usually for catering or celebrations