Snapper head soup nz recipes

French-style fish head soup recipe

If you leave it longer the soup will develop a bitter taste. Add the fish head and bones, cover with water and leave to simmer for 20 minutes – no more. 1kg fish heads and skeletons

Simple joy #10 Oven-grilled fish heads

A wonderful soup was made. Oven-grilled fish head. We had ‘fish heads’ as our subject. I shot the fish heads but a friend cooked it

West Otago A & P Show – More local product

We left Wanaka and decided to bypass Queenstown and head down through Cromwell. I had bangers and mash , Dale had pumpkin soup and his eyes were a bigger than his belly and he also ordered stuffed potato with smoked salmon

Tips and Timesavers

For example, start with the outer surfaces of your lower teeth, work from the back teeth to the front and then head to the inner surfaces

Fish Stock Recipe

Use flounder, cod, bass, snapper, sole, or halibit. Wash bones and heads (ensure gills are removed), cutting bones to fit inside a stockpot

Food jargon

Snapper Fish, typically reddish, valued as a food. Artichoke A European plant with a large head. Beurre manié Flour and butter mixed together to form a paste then added to hot soups, sauces and stews to thicken