Tamarillo chutney recipes

Auckland! Prepare your waistbands.

Auckland! Prepare your waistbands.

Turkish Borek (red cabbage salad, pomegranate, harrissa) and Hapuka with barberies, lemon, broccoli purée, tamarillo persimmon chutney and hazelnut gel
Tomatillos and salsa heaven

Tomatillos and salsa heaven

In any case, the persimmons and tamarillos are colouring up and the tomatillos have been ripening over the last two or three weeks, thank goodness
The Week in Eats

The Week in Eats

Another local find, Karengo and TamarilloChutney from Pacific Harvest.  I dressed it up with a bit of that Karengo chutney

Tips for the Kitchen

Tamarillo Tip. Make Your Own Indian Hot Chutney. Tamarillos are delicious with brown sugar. I love eating this chutney with Indian foods, roti and plain yoghurt

Fresh FYI: Tamarillos

Make Chutney, jam, jelly. Tamarillo is a variety of winter fruit that originated in South America and was grown and eaten by the ancient Inca people

Tips and Timesavers

To take your BBQ up a classy notch – lay potabello mushrooms in tinfoil, slightly oiled, spread tamarillochutney on, and top off with blue vein cheese

Monteith’s Wild food challenge roars to life

The Stag’s Roar – Local venison denver leg and lightly crumbed lamb’s kidney served on top of kumara celeriac mash and accompanied with spinach, chilli chocolate jus and a balsamic tamarillo, with an optional shot of stag semen for the truly adventurous diner matched with Monteith’s Brewers Series Barrel Aged Porter

Late July gardening goodness

This is Jan Bilton’s Traditional TamarilloChutney from the NZ Tamarillo Growers’ website. And included is a divine Jan Bilton Tamarillo recipe for those lucky enough to have a tree, or bags of them free

Stay well this winter

Use tamarillos in the same way as tomatoes to make sauces or chutney. Tamarillos. Tamarillos are a good source of vitamin C and also contain vitamins A and E for healthy skin and protection from free radical damage