Warehou fish recipes

Poached Monkfish with Artichokes & Potatoes

In actual fact, I couldn't get good monkfish fillets at my fishmonger yesterday, so I used blue warehou, but any thick, firm-fleshed fillets will do
Bunny Eats Design turns 5 – Foodbox giveaway

Bunny Eats Design turns 5 – Foodbox giveaway

Last week our Essentials pack included Silver Warehou (fish), Wakanui Beef Rump steak, free range shoulder bacon, Free Range accredited Organic Beef Silverside, and L’Authentic chicken and bacon sausages

Chinese American kitsch with a twist

Silver warehou isn’t a fish I remember seeing on a menu but the delicate flavour and texture was perfect for steaming
Degustation at Jano.

Degustation at Jano.

WAREHOU. An impressive fish dish. ‘Fish and Chips’ – this course varied from the menu and was rich and lovely

Fish and Potato Curry with Red Rice

This wholesome fish and potato curry uses a wonderful blend of Indian spices and is served with lightly spiced rice as well

Postcards and morsels - EAT Merimbula and Sapphire Coast visit

We also have smoked eel, warehou, whole rainbow trout and local sardines. Guided snorkelling is among the water activities available, together with sea kayak tours, canoeing and boating, scuba diving, wind-surfing, whale and dolphin watching, and fishing

Woohoo it’s warehou

The texture of blue warehou ensures the fish retains its shape well in such meals and few bones commend it for people of all ages

Les longeurs d"Arbitrageur

Castlepoint-caught blue warehou with crushed potatoes, fennel, tomato, capers and kalamata olives. 10 Female waiter approaches with two plates of what look like our fish