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Donate for Young Women in Need

In July last year, Countdown worked with Labour MP Louisa Wall and The Salvation Army to launch online donations of sanitary products which are distributed through eight Salvation Army foodbank hubs

Oldie but a Goodie../ Kiwi Lolly Cake…

Whitaker’s chocolate it is for me…. Classic NZ fare……Lolly cake. Melt the butter and add in the condensed milk and combine well…

Newsletter – May 2012

Autumn is definitely here now and as the trees change colour and the leaves drop, are your healthy habits still in place, or are they in danger of dropping too

Exciting times to be alive

A lot of good things are coming together and I wanted to share a couple of these with you. I've often mulled over the idea of homeschooling, but always come to the conclusion that I wouldn't be good enough at it

Tips and Timesavers

Whether you’re just wanting guidance from clever cooks or you’re really interested in an old Sicilian Grandma from Italy making food that they ate during the Depression, youtube is one super duper recipe bonanza

Newsletter – June 2012

Select or Pams frozen veggies + lamb/beef/chicken stir fry mix. What is it about the shorter, cooler days that makes us want to eat more